About Us

The Pickleball Addict saga began with the rhythmic thwack of a paddle and a ball sailing over the net. What started as a way to increase daily step count became an addiction to the most exhilarating sport out there.

On the court, I felt truly alive - a place where I could be my truest self, surrounded by the camaraderie, laughter, competition, and fun that defines the sport of pickleball. As my passion for the game grew, so did my wit and love for wordplay. And so, the idea of Pickleball Addict apparel was born - a way to share my love for the sport and connect with the incredible community of players.

Now, as you join the Pickleball Addict family, you become part of a community of passionate players who share a deep love for the game. With our clever and comical messages on your apparel, you'll not only look great, but you'll also make a statement about your love for this amazing sport.
So come join us on the court, and let your Pickleball Addict clothes do the talking. We guarantee they'll turn heads and start conversations, as we all celebrate the game we love!"